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Terminology: NANDA International (Nursing Diagnoses, Definitions, and Classification)

Page last updated June 5, 2007


A nursing diagnoses classification developed to describe the important judgments nurses make in providing nursing care for individuals, families, groups, and communities. These judgments, or diagnoses, are the basis for selection of nursing outcomes and interventions. The terminology is updated every two years.

Contact Information

For Nursing Content:
Heather Herdman, PHd, RN
100 N 20th St, 4th Floor
Phil, PA 19103

For Licenses:
NANDA International Office

Latest Version
6th (2005-2006)

Number of Nursing Terms
Diagnoses - 172

Relationship of NANDA to Other ANA Recognized Terminologies and Data Element Sets
Concepts included in SNOMED CT. Mappings from SNOMED CT available from College of American Pathologists (CAP)

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Relationship to Related National Initiatives
NANDA (2004) included in UMLS 2005AC; HL7 Recognized Terminology