Course Adoption Program Review Copy Request Form offers these popular titles for review on a complimentary review basis for adoption consideration in your coursework.

Only one desk copy is released per 20 students registered for the course being adopted.

If you have any questions, email Cynthia Lee

Note: ANA is not releasing review or desk copies of its Essentials of Nursing Practice Package.

Nursing and Health Care Ethics, 2008/360 pp. ISBN 9781558102613
Genetics and Ethics in Healthcare, 2008/380 pp. ISBN 9781558102637
Learning IOM, 2012/209 pp. ISBN 9781558104624
Essential Guide to Nursing Practice, 2012/2013 pp ISBN 9781558104587

ANA Scope and Standards of Practice

Corrections Nursing Practice, 2nd Edition, 2013/96 pp. ISBN 9781558104990
Faith Community Nursing, 2012/138 pp. ISBN 9781558104297
Gerontological Nursing, 2010/112 pp ISBN 9781558102682
Holistic Nursing, 2007/136 pp. ISBN 9781558102484
Nursing Administration, 2nd Edition, 2016/156 pp. ISBN 9781558106434
Pediatric Nursing, 2nd Edition, 2015/212 pp. ISBN 9781558106352
Public Health Nursing, 2nd Edition, 2013/151 pp. 9781558104907
Psychiatric—Mental Health Nursing Practice, 2nd Edition, 2014/194 pp. ISBN 9781558105553
School Nursing, 2011/168 pp. ISBN 9781558103535
Transplant Nursing, 2nd Edition, 2016/160pp. ISBN 9781558106390
Vascular Nursing, 2016/130 pp. ISBN 9781558106475


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